About the Course

The Anatomy and Physiology II Comprehensive Review Course covers the systems of the human body including the Cardiovascular, Digestive, Lymphatic, Immunity, Urinary and Reproductive Systems. The first part of this course, Anatomy and Physiology I Comprehensive Review Course covers the Tissues, Bones, Muscles, Nervous and Endocrine Systems of the Human Anatomy and Physiology

The course assets include a customizable e-textbook, lecture notes, lecture videos, supplemental videos, quizzes and exams. 

test : https://studyai.moodlecloud.com/course/view.php?id=6


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Textbook Reading - Cardiovascular System - Heart
Lecture notes - Cardiovascular System - Heart
Lecture Video 1 - Cardiovascular System
Lecture Video 2 - Cardiovascular System
Lecture Video 3 - Cardiovascular System
Quiz - Cardiovascular System - Heart - 15 Questions
Textbook Reading - Cardiovascular System - Blood, Blood Pressure, Circulation
Lecture Notes - Cardiovascular System - Blood, Blood Pressure, Circulation
Lecture Video - Cardiovascular System - Blood, Blood Pressure, Circulation
Quiz - Cardiovascular System - Blood, Blood Pressure, Circulation
APII Exam 1 Cardiovascular Blood, Vessels, Heart
Lab 1
Textbook Reading - Respiratory System
Lecture notes - Respiratory System
Lecture Video 1 - Respiratory System
Lecture Video 2 - Respiratory System
Quiz - Respiratory System - 15 Questions
Textbook Reading - Digestive System
Lecture notes - Digestive System
Lecture Video 1 - Digestive System
Lecture Video 2 - Digestive System
The Digestive System Quiz - 15 Questions
APII Exam 2 - Lymphatic & Immunity, Respiratory and Digestive system
Textbook Reading - Urinary System
Lecture notes Urinary System
Lecture Video 1 Urinary System
Lecture Video 2 Urinary System
The Urinary System Quiz - 25 Questions
Textbook Reading - Reproductive System
Lecture notes Reproductive System
The Reproductive System Quiz - 25 Questions
Lecture Video 1 - Reproductive System
Lecture Video 2 - Reproductive System
APII Exam 3 Urinary and Reproductive System Exam