About the Course

This course covers basic concepts of general biology including cell biology, energy capture and utilization, heredity, origin, and descent of life, classification of organisms, and environmental relationships of living things. The course content includes a customized e-textbook, lecture notes, quizzes and exams. The material can be personalized to any course schedule. 

The course assets include a customizable e-textbook, lecture notes, supplemental videos, quizzes and exams. 

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Chapter 1 | Introduction to Biology
Introduction to Biology Quiz
Chapter 2 | Chemistry of Life
Chemistry of Life Quiz
Chapter 3 | Cell Structure and Function
Cell Structure and Function Quiz
Chapter 4 | How Cells Obtain Energy
How Cells Obtain Energy Quiz
Chapter 5 | Photosynthesis
Photosynthesis Quiz
Chapter 6 | Reproduction at the Cellular Level
Reproduction at the Cellular Level Quiz
Chapter 7 | The Cellular Basis of Inheritance
The Cellular Basis of Inheritance Quiz
Chapter 8 | Patterns of Inheritance
Modern Understandings of Inheritance quiz
Chapter 9 | Molecular Biology
Chapter 11 | Evolution and Its Processes
Chapter 19 | Population and Community Ecology